11 Pictures That Define Types of Bloggers Who Exist in the Blogosphere

Types of Bloggers

No two bloggers are the same – I’d be wrong if I said otherwise.

We bloggers all share some similarities which connect us, define us, and inspire us to connect with each other while we’re busy pursuing our passions.

Sometimes we look at the influencers who motivate us and we try to be like them. Other times, we click on some random comments and find new friends with whom we’d ever expect to talk to. It’s all a beautiful part of what we do and the life that we live.

The work we do each day is the work we can’t stop thinking about. What we create tells others who we are and gives them a peek into our hearts.

But hey, our lives are a lot different than what others think, aren’t they?

Types of bloggers who exist in the blogosphere

Let these 11 images speak the story of the two different types of bloggers who exist in what we proudly call the blogosphere.

1. The Artist and The Entrepreneur

The Artist and the Entrepreneur

2. The Organized People and The Messy Creatives

The organized people and the messy creatives

3. The Storytellers and The Preachers

The storytellers and the preachers

4. Those who work for passion and those who work for money (How about both?)

Those work for passion and those who work for money

5. Those who see the dawn; either before going to bed or after

Those who see the dawn, either before going to bed or after

6. There’s always one suitable way to promote – E-mail or Social Media

social media or e-mail

7. Then there are those who take it easy and those who cannot not work hard

those who take it easy and those who cannot not work hard

8. Um, Batman and The Avengers?

Batman and The Avengers

9. Minimalists and The Tech Freaks

Minimalists and the Tech freaks

10. Where you work from says something about you

home or office

11. The Hobbyists and The Professionals – no matter who you are, you’re cool

The hobbyists and the professionals

Did this resonate?

Did you love these visuals?

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What kind of other bloggers do you think exist in the blogosphere? If you were to categorize all the bloggers, how would you do it? The comment section is all yours to have fun. Let me know what you think by leaving a comment!

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