The 11 Best Examples of A Great About Page and Why They’re Great


When building your blog, it’s usually tempting to get sidetracked by all the noise of the creation process in a quest to create the best looking blog on the internet. But if you do this, you’ll end up forgetting about some of the most important elements of a blog.

Having a good looking blog is crucial because it will display your professionalism. But it’s not always the main thing that determines how professional a blog is, especially when you’re just starting.

For example, if you have the world’s most beautiful blog but your content sucks, the design means nothing. Your blog design might be good at attracting people to the blog, but your poorly written content will always drive them away as soon as they arrive.

While having a good looking blog filled with great content is important, that’s also not where you should channel your focus while starting; there’s one critical element of a blog that is almost always neglected, and that’s what I’ll be talking to you about in today’s post.

The About Page: The Most Important Element Of A Blog

It doesn’t matter if you’re a blog owner or someone looking for information on the internet, the About page is an essential element of every website.


Simply because it’s one of the first places every new visitor will go to once they land on a site.

Your About page had better be impressive. If not, you can expect readers to click the “back” button even without reading your great content or subscribing to your newsletter.

Your question now should be:

Well, creating the perfect About page is not rocket science. It just has to contain some vital information which will make your readers stay on your blog.

For starters, it should be informative. You should be able to tell your audience who you are, what you do, and what’s in it for them. Once you provide them with a good reason to stay, that’s exactly what they will do. Aside from that, your About page should also contain some testimonials,

Once you provide them with a good reason to stay, that’s exactly what they will do. Aside from that, your About page should also contain some testimonials, social proof, and some other vital information about you that your readers can easily relate to.

The principal aim of an About page is to give visitors a peek into the identity of a person, a business, and/or a product.

In a quest to discover what makes About pages stick, I’ve come across many excellent and impressive About pages on the internet. I’ve also found that most people find it difficult to craft the type of About pages that will land them paying clients.

Therefore, I will be showing you the 11 best About pages I’ve found on the internet and why they are unique.

11 Best About Pages On The Internet And What’s Special About Them

1. Mirasee

Danny Iny owns Mirasee; Danny is also known for his Firepole Marketing blog. His About page is one of the best I’ve ever seen on the internet.

It is well organized, arranged, and has all of the necessary information every visitor wants to see.

He first explains what his domain “Mirasee” stands for and why he chooses to use that. Once you’re done reading that, you’re greeted with a big, bold: “Who We Serve”.


The moment you’re done reading this paragraph, you should be able to know if this blog is for you.

One good thing I love about the Mirasee About page is that it also connects you with their team. It includes the names, pictures, and positions of all the wonderful people that run the Mirasee blog. That’s a unique feature that you don’t see on many other blogs.

2. Moz

The Moz About page is indeed unique and visually appealing. I haven’t seen another one like it.

Talk about standing out from the crowd, Moz has a good definition of that.

Their About page consists of a timeline:


As you can see, they’ve done an excellent job. The design is something else, and if I’m to design my About page again, it might look something like this.

3. Neil Patel

Do you think your About page must be in a written form? Think again.

A lot of people hate reading text; many prefer consuming certain information in video format instead.

According to Dr. James McQuivey from Forester, one minute of video is worth 1.8 million words. As soon as you arrive at Neil Patel’s About page, you will be welcomed by a high definition video with the caption: “Generate more traffic and sales today!”

This will immediately tell you what the blog is about even without needing to watch the video.

Who is Neil Patel

Like Neil, if you also desire to tell your story in a quick, engaging, digestible, and exciting manner, you can do it through video.

4. Blog Tyrant

This About page is not just about Ramsay (aka the Blog Tyrant), but about his audience too. Earlier he used both video and text on his page, which is serving two types of audiences at the same time.


He believes that a real leader gains power by giving power to others. His About page not only includes his personal story, but he also includes how he intends to help his readers.

A good About page is made up of you, your blog, and your readers. Once you can communicate to them what’s in it for them via your About page, they will appreciate it and like you better.

5. Social Triggers

If you don’t know Derek Halpern. then perhaps you started blogging yesterday. He runs one of the most popular blogs on the internet that talks about selling (ie marketing) using human psychology.

His About page is not only well designed, but also contains simple navigation buttons that can take you to the section you want to visit. This is a feature I’ve never seen before, but it is really cool:

About Social Triggers

A perfect About page also contains customers testimonials. Remember, when you’re trying to make a buying decision, you don’t decide based on what the seller has said about their product; your decision is mostly based on what others are saying.

That’s also what Derek does very well on his About page.

He’s included some high-quality testimonials to back up his claims:


As you can see from the screenshot above, those are from some big brands, and if you weren’t sure about doing business with him, you would immediately be convinced after seeing those testimonials.

Are your clients saying anything good about your products and services? If so, include them on your About page.

6. Pat Flynn

Pat is one of my favorite person in Blogosphere. He has an absorbing story to tell, and he does it via his About page.

In the first paragraph, he mentions some of his various accolades:

Meet Pat Flynn — Pat Flynn Online Entrepreneur Author and Host

No doubt, anyone who reads that first paragraph will be compelled to read the entire page.

If you’re still trying to figure out the things you should include in your About page, take a look at Pat’s page and I’m sure you will be inspired.

7. Stuart Walker

He’s the brain behind the popular NicheHacks blog (one of the best blogs in niche blogging).

Once you stumble across his About page, you’re reminded that this is a “home of hot niche ideas, done for you niche research and niche domination shortcuts.”

This immediately unveils to you what this blog is all about without wasting a minute of your time.

He mentions all the various blogs he has been featured on using their logos, his achievements in affiliate marketing, and the awards he has won as a blogger. He also includes what other famous bloggers are saying about him.

About Niche Hacks NicheHacks

When you see big name bloggers like Brian Dean, Zak Johnson, Neil Patel, etc. talking about a particular person in a positive manner, you’re more likely to be convinced that they truly know what they’re doing.

But testimonials don’t only need to be from famous people. Non-famous testimonials also work well.

8. Xo Sarah

Her About page is something else. I love how simple, concise, and straightforward it is.

Like some of the other About pages I’ve mentioned here, Sarah tells you who her About page is for the moment you click.

About Sarah

One other thing I admire about this page is the interesting and beautiful images she uses on it. You can see that the pictures are not fake and photoshopped, which is what some people often use thinking they will impress their readers.

Sarah uses original photos of herself so you’ll see exactly who she is. Using fake images on your About page only means one thing: “You’re a fake person”. Trust me, your readers will hate you for it.

9. Backlinko

If you want to see how to get your readers engrossed, check out Brian Dean’s Backlinko About page.

He doesn’t need to write a 10,000-word article just to tell you what his blog is about. Straight to the point, he tells you right off the bat that it’s an SEO blog.

You’re greeted with the question: “Ready to take your SEO to the next level?”

If you answer “YES”, he goes on to let you know you’re in the right place. But if you answer “NO”, then you can leave.

He doesn’t need to convince you of what you want.

In the first paragraph, he strikes a deal with his readers.

Once you both agree to the deal, he goes on to tell you how his blog can help you grow your business.


You’ll agree with me that his About page is simply fantastic.

10. Melyssa Griffin

I love how simple her About page is.

Many things can attract someone to read your About page. The one thing that catches my attention the most about Melyssa’s page are the pictures she’s using. They’re high quality, colorful, and engaging.


She’s also done a magnificent job of humanizing her About page. After going through it, you will immediately know if it’s for you or not. This is one of the most important elements that every About page should have.

11. Tim Ferriss

Tim is the man behind the popular blog “4 Hour Work Week” and “4 Hour Body”. His blog has been an excellent source of inspiration for me and many others.

His About page is also simple and to the point.

When you visit the page, the first thing you see is a quote that summarizes the whole persona of Tim and his blog:

Bio The Blog of Author Tim Ferriss

His About page is written in the third person with simple to comprehend words. He also uses references and social proof coming from some of the most popular sites and organizations. There is no way you will finish reading his About page without being convinced that he’s worth listening to.

Writing A Great About Page

As I mentioned before, the aim of this post is to inspire you to create a compelling About page. Use all of the About pages I’ve mentioned here to get an idea of the things you should include on your page for better user engagement.

Having a quality About page will create a sense of trust between you and your user. A properly written, designed, and engaging About page is essential for your success as a blogger or internet entrepreneur.

For further reading:

Which one of these About pages do you like the most? Also, what are some of your favorite About pages on the internet? Let me know in the comments!

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