Amazon $25 off $75 on Household Essentials

az_larabarAmazon is offering a $25 off $75 promotion when you buy $75 in total items from on their Holiday Essentials list. Here are all of the eligible items sorted by category.

Sample deals. Here are a couple of quick, simplified scenarios to work out if the deal is generally worth it. I picked these two products at random out of the items that I had a rough idea of what they should cost.

Larabar Gluten Free Snack Bar, 1.7 oz Bars, 16 Count is on the list and costs $16.38. If I buy 5 boxes to reach $75, my total is $81.90 – $25 off = $56.90 net. At 80 bars, this works out to $0.71 per bar, which is a pretty good price. Here’s a screenshot of the $25 off:


24-pack of Energizer MAX AA batteries is on the list and costs $9.79. If I buy 9 packs to reach $75, the total becomes $88.11 – $25 off = $63.11 net. That ends up at $0.29 per battery, which is a good price as far as Energizer MAX batteries go. I could certainly buy a cheaper generic brand for a little less (AmazonBasics at $0.24 per battery). I have found that Energizer MAX batteries really do leak less than both Duracell and Costco Kirkland brands.

Basically, if you would buy these items otherwise, this promotion can save you some money by mixing and matching products. The prices don’t appear to be hiked up just to be taken back down. You do have to pick from the items listed on the page, in their listed quantity. They should already be set as such, but they must also be sold and shipped by Amazon. You should see the $25 off on your checkout page before committing to purchase.


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