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Amazon has introduced another free perk for Amazon Prime members. From the press release for Amazon Prime Reading (emphasis mine):

Amazon today introduced Prime Reading, a new reading benefit for U.S. Prime members. Prime members can now enjoy unlimited reading from a rotating selection of books, magazines, comics and more – at no additional cost. Prime Reading joins the growing list of all-you-can-eat benefits for Prime members including unlimited fast, free Prime shipping, unlimited access to Prime Video, Prime Music, Prime Photos, Audible Channels, early access to Lightning Deals and more.

The Prime Reading library consists of roughly 1,000 titles, which is only a fraction of the $10 a month library available with Kindle Unlimited. But hey, free is free. Here are some financially-related titles that caught my eye:

There’s also complete Lonely Planet travel guides, Sports Illustrated, Bon Appetit, People Magazine, Calvin and Hobbes, the first Harry Potter book. Lots more in sci-fi, mystery, romance, comic books and children’s books.

They say the list is rotating, so I am guessing that if the list changes then you can’t read the books anymore? Or if you download it during the available window, can you keep it forever? I’m guessing the former. I wonder how often they will turn over the list.

New Amazon Prime users can still get a free 30-day trial. Besides a Kindle or Fire tablet, you can read using the Kindle app for iOS/Android, Kindle desktop app for PC/Mac, or simply use the Kindle Cloud Reader in a computer browser.


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