Audible Promo: 12 Audiobooks + Echo Dot for $99.50


audibleaz2Do you enjoy audiobooks? Check out this Audible promotion. Membership usually costs $14.95 per month (1 audiobook per month), or $149.50 if you buy an annual membership upfront (12 audiobook credits). New members can get a 1-month free trial. With this promo, you can get the annual membership (12 audiobooks) for $99.50 total ($50 savings) and $50 off an Echo device. For example, you could redeem this $50 credit and get a free $49.99 2nd-gen Echo Dot. So basically, if you wanted these things otherwise, the promotion is worth nearly $100. Offer ends 3/25/18.

(Update: There is also an alternative offer of $25 off any Echo device if you start an Audible membership for $14.95 per month. In other words, for $15 you can get one audiobook plus $25 off an Echo device. Also open to past Audible members.)

New member? Past member? I was eligible for this promotion even though I am a past Audible member (but not currently a member). If you are a new member, perhaps you can get your free credit from the free trial, see if you like it, and if you do cancel and then get this promotion. If you’re an existing member, you could also use up your existing credits, cancel, and then try to get this offer. Note that it will auto-renew at $149.50 after the first year. I think you can turn off the auto-renew without losing any credits, but I would double-check. Otherwise, use up all the credits first and then turn off auto-renew/cancel.

The way that Audible works is that you can redeem each credit for any audiobook in their library (regardless of retail price), and you get to keep them forever even if you later cancel your membership. If you start an audiobook and don’t like it, you can exchange it for another book for free.

Most of the audiobooks I’ve chosen so far have been personal memoirs: Shoe Dog (Nike origin story by Phil Knight), When Breathe Becomes Air (Paul Kalanithi), and I Can’t Make This Up: Life Lessons from Kevin Hart.

My most recent audiobook was The Undoing Project by Michael Lewis, a great story about how Daniel Kahneman and Amos Tversky helped create the field of behavioral economics.


Audible Promo: 12 Audiobooks + Echo Dot for $99.50 from My Money Blog.

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