How Amazon Launchpad Is Helping Startups To Sell Their Physical Products


Amazon has understood that startups are more impactful than ever and have decided to cater to them. They’ve now just created Amazon Launchpad which is a platform for startups to showcase & sell their products.

This is an extremely healthy move for startups because of the reach and distribution that their products will now have. But any of these companies can sell their products without Amazon Launchpad, so what makes Launchpad special for startups?


A dedicated section for startup products

  • Amazon Launchpad gives new product companies a separate platform and doesn’t just include them as 1 among millions of other products. There is a new category called Amazon Launchpad that is added among other categories. This brings attention to a startup’s products. This can be very impactful for a new company because of the amount of people that will come to know about their product in this way. A brand can be built because of Amazon Launchpad.
  • As Amazon gives first priority to startups, companies can now launch immediately and not take months of effort to launch.


  • Amazon really pushes your product in front of millions of people, and this is precisely what every company needs. Companies fail mostly because of lack of marketing and distribution. Getting a front page product placement can change the situation of your company forever.
  • Amazon helps customers learn about your brand. The product pages are different from normal listings. There is an ‘About the Startup’ section which goes into detail about the company and how it started. This establishes credibility and also personalizes it a bit. It is good branding for the startup’s founder as well.

About the Startup on the product page

  • Amazon handles the distribution. This is the hard part. A startup’s products can now be bought all over the world and it will be shipped directly to them. This kind of scale and reach simply isn’t possible for a young company.

Registering with Launchpad

Amazon has partnered with incubators, accelerators, and crowdfunding websites that are instrumental in bringing out new startups. Here is the complete list of the global network of companies that Amazon has partnered with. So any startup that comes from that list can be a part of Amazon Launchpad.

So what about those who aren’t? Amazon actually lets anyone apply to the Launchpad program and they will vet the application on a case by case basis. So if you have a great product that is ready to ship, then you might actually be able to join the Launchpad program.

Services Hub

Services Hub is another business offering from Amazon that can help your startup from start to finish. What are the features of Services Hub?

Services Hub comprises of a list of companies that can help you with the entire spectrum of doing business. From prototyping to marketing and running operations, it’s broken down into different segments depending on your needs.

Every segment has 8 to 10 companies you can choose from. The best part is that these companies are committed to replying within 7 days. So you will get an answer.

How do you get started with Launchpad?

The process is pretty simple. You register for Amazon Launchpad and fill out the form. It is required to have a US telephone number when filling out the form, and they also ask when you can ship your product. To be part of Amazon Launchpad, you need to have a ready and shippable product.

Once registered, you have to confirm an order and ship the product to Amazon’s center. After this process, you can send in all of the information regarding your product and company (images, videos, description, etc.).

It’s getting easier and easier for smaller companies to get noticed and put their name out there. Also, read this article by Smallbiztrends for more information.

There has never been a better time in the world to start a business. If you are in business for the right reasons, then you can take advantage of these great offerings from these well-established companies. Here are hand-picked articles for further reading:

What do you think of Amazon Launchpad? Do you have a ready and shippable product you’re going to apply with? Let me know in the comments below!

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