Airbnb vs. Hotels Price Comparison Chart

airbnbMary Meeker is a partner at famous venture capitalist firm Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers. Many people follow her annual presentation about internet trends, and you can view the entire 294 slide deck here.

It’s a lot of information, but there are some interesting links that she makes that relate to personal finance. For example, you can start with the observation that housing costs are an increasing portion of household spending:

Next, you might notice that new houses are getting bigger while the number of people living in them are actually shrinking:

Finally, the success of Airbnb shows that there is a ready supply of people willing to rent out part of their property to help pay for the mortgage. The fact that it’s often cheaper than hotels helps the demand:

Airbnb can estimate your income as a host if renting out a private room, in-law unit, or entire house. You can share a spare room in your apartment or do a pseudo-“home swap” by renting out your whole home the next time you’re out of town. You can open your space for one day or all year.

I like how Airbnb helps connect people displaced by natural disaster and those with open rooms. Right now, they are helping to shelter people affected by the volcanic eruptions in Hawaii.

We stayed at Airbnb’s in Europe and it was great for a family with little kids. We could cook simple meals in the kitchen and eat around a real dining table. You felt more like a local family. If you’ve never stayed at an Airbnb, you can get $40 in travel credit towards your first rental with my referral link. I believe I will get $20 of credit after your first booking. Thanks if you use it.

Before booking, I would definitely read review and look for a “Superhost” if possible. Here is a NY Times article with Airbnb tips from a former Superhost.


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