Affiliate Marketing For A Blog’s Revenue Growth – A #ShoutersChat Recap

Grow Blog's Revenue

Affiliate Marketing is a highly used term. People who are in the digital marketing industry know why this word is so commonly used and what its benefits are. Well, affiliate marketing is a very common way of marketing wherein you bring promote someone else’s product to earn a commission, a very lucrative way to earn money indeed.

As a blogger, the risk involved in affiliate marketing is low and the reward earned is high. You don’t need to have your own product, you can promote a product that you really like and get a commission each time someone buys from your affiliate link.

Let’s say, you have 1000 loyal readers and 10% of them buy something from your affiliate link. In such a scenario, you will earn much more money than Google Adsense in the same situation.

So, how do you use Affiliate Marketing to grow your Blog’s Revenue? To answer that question, we thought of talking about it with the fellow Shouters. Therefore, this week’s topic for #ShoutersChat was “Affiliate Marketing for A Blog’s Revenue Growth”

We discussed the need for using Affiliate Marketing. We also talked about the traffic requirements to start using an affiliate program. Promotion of affiliate products and the affiliate marketing goals of Shouters was also among the few things we discussed.

Here is a recap of each question and the top answers by Shouters.

Q1. Why should someone prefer affiliate marketing?

Why Affiliate Marketing

From the Shouter community:

View more answers to Q1 here

Q2. How much traffic should you have to start affiliate marketing?

Start Affiliate marketing

From the Shouter community:

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Q3. What things do you look at before joining an affiliate program?

Joining an Affiliate Program

From the Shouter community:

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Q4. How do you promote affiliate products to your audience?

Promote Affiliate Products

From the Shouter community:

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Q5. What are your goals regarding affiliate marketing this year?

Affiliate Marketing Goals

From the Shouter community:

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