Shouter’s Friday Podcast, Ep.005: Video Blogging, Earning through YouTube

Welcome to the fifth episode of “Shouter’s Friday with Harsh Agrawal” podcast.

As you guys know, that we here at ShoutMeLoud have started a new podcast show. This is a show where we will be answering hand picked questions asked by the Shouters from all over the world.  

In this podcast, we are going to pick some questions from the ShoutMeLoud Blogger’s Forum and answer them in detail.

Along with Harsh, we have Chatty Sharma. Chatty Sharma is a curious Shouter like you, who wants to learn online marketing and blogging in detail.

In the last episode of the Shouter’s Friday, we discussed questions related to negative SEO, Affiliate marketing, CPI and much more. You can listen to that episode here.

In this podcast, we answer questions related to Vlogging and we also discuss about the various ways to earn through YouTube instead of Google Adsense.

This time we took our podcast recording to the next level and recorded in video format as well. If you like to hear and watch it at the same time, here you go:


Show Notes: Shouter’s Friday Podcast Ep. 005

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Thought of the week

Don’t be the boss, be the leader.

Catch you next Friday

If you have a question that you want answers to in the next episode of Shouter’s Friday, just log on to the ShoutMeLoud Bloggers’ Forum and ask!

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