Starting a Vlog – A Recap To #ShoutersChat

A Vlog, as most of you know, is a video blog. It is all about creating and sharing your content in a video format. Through vlogging, people can share their opinion and produce content pertaining to any topic that they wish to.

The popularity of vlogging is rising at a rapid pace which can be attributed to the mere fact that anyone with a camera which can record a video and an internet connection can become a vlogger.

Today, most of us have access to the internet. People nowadays are more likely to watch a video rather than read a document, given the fact that a video is more interactive, engrossing and gives out more information in lesser time. It also adds a personal touch to the post. Thus, it helps target a much larger audience.   

But the question is, “How do you start vlogging?”

We here at ShoutMeLoud will help you to get answers to all your queries. That’s why this week’s #ShoutersChat was: “Starting a Vlog”

In this week’s #ShoutersChat, we discussed everything from whether vlogging is a good to the top platforms to upload a vlog. We also talked about the basic equipments needed to create a vlog and promotion of your vlog among other things.

Here is a recap of each question and the top answers by the Shouters.

Q1. Is vlogging a good idea or a not so good one?

vlogging is a good or bad idea

From the Shouter’s community:

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Q2. What are some top platforms to upload your vlog?

Top platforms to upload vlog

From the Shouter’s community:

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Q3. What should be the ideal duration of your vlog and how often should you publish a new video?

Length of vlog and how often to publish a new video

From the Shouter’s community:

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Q4. What equipments will you use for your vlog?

Equipments for vlog

From the Shouter’s community:

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Q5. How are you planning to promote your vlog?

Promoting vlog

From the Shouter’s community:

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