How To Use SocialPilot Social Media Tool For Promotion?

Update: SocialPilot now supports Google plus (Profile, pages & collection). This review has been updated to reflect that!

Do you want to promote your content to all social network with a single click? Let’s check out one of the popular tools for content promotion.

Social Pilot Review

Posting your blog’s latest content on social networks is a great way to gain more readers. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn are excellent tools for blog promotion, especially when you have many friends or followers. It allows your content to get shared among your network and beyond, giving your blog the exposure and traffic you are aiming for.

Keeping a regular posting schedule on these networks can be a tedious and time-consuming task, and you may not always have the time to do so on a daily basis. You may find that logging in and post it to social networks every other hour is simply not the best use of your time.

This is where automated posting apps like SocialPilot can help you. SocialPilot lets you set up your social network accounts and allows you to schedule posts in advance. At the moment, it lets you connect to Facebook, Google plus, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Available as a web app and a Chrome extension, SocialPilot can be accessed from any browser. You can utilize their free plan to connect with five social media profile or connect more profile by upgrading to pro accounts.

Here’s how this tool can easily set your Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn posts on autopilot.

How To use SocialPilot Dashboard?

After logging in to your SocialPilot account, the first thing you need to do is to connect your social profiles. To do this, click on “Connect Account” on the left panel under Social Accounts.


Here, you can add unlimited profiles for Twitter, Google plus (Page, Profile & collection) Facebook (profile or page) and LinkedIn (profile, page or group).

Setting post schedules

After you’ve connected a profile, you should now be able to set a schedule for your posts. Note that the default time zone is for the US, so change this if you need to. Click on the “Edit” button and select your desired time zone on the next page.


To go back to setting a schedule, click Manage Accounts on the left pane. Click on “Edit” for that account. Now you’re ready to add a schedule for your social profile.


Under “Select Time”, you can specify a time to add to the posting schedule. You can then choose which days of the week you want the schedule to be running. Once done, click on the button that says “Add Time”. You may do this for other social profiles you may have connected.

The schedule will now take effect every time you create a post for each social profile. Note that schedules are set separately for each social account, but you can set the same exact one for all of them if you want your content posted at the same time.

To start adding posts into your schedule, click on “Create Post” on the left pane. You may then start composing your post and adding links. As you can see from the example below, I shared a link to an article that I want to appear in my Twitter profile. Note that my Twitter profile is checked on the right-hand side, while my LinkedIn account remains unchecked.


If you don’t like manually adding links and typing text to create a post, you can install SocialPilot’s extension for Chrome. This way, you can simply click on the SocialPilot icon to share the page you’re currently on.

Once done with a post, you have three options from the drop-down menu: Add to Queue, Share Now and Share Next. Add to Queue will add that post to the schedule queue. If you want to share the content right then and there, click on Share Now.

Find shareable content:

SocialPilot Content discovery

Out of the content ideas? You can use SocialPilot content discovery to discover interesting stories to share on your network. This way, you will always have something interesting to share on your social media channel.

How is SocialPilot different than other social media tools?

SocialPilot is not the only posting service out there. In fact, there are many others that have been around longer than it has. Buffer and Hootsuite, for example, are another popular apps for this purpose. So what makes SocialPilot different or even better? All three services offer premium plans, but SocialPilot’s price of $4.99/month is minimal compared to Buffer’s $10/month and Hootsuite’s $9.99/month.


As someone who has used both Buffer and Hootsuite, I must say that SocialPilot’s focus on three social networks only, its low monthly cost and user-friendly dashboard appealed to me. SocialPilot Android & iOS app is also available, which is of great help.

socialMedia iOS app

If you want to build a social media presence in the Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn with minimal spending, then SocialPilot is a great tool to start with. It’s easy to set up and use, and it allows you to focus on three major social networks that really matter for blog owners and online entrepreneurs.


If you’re new to social networks, then there is one thing you should know: Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn are three of the major networks for businesses and bloggers alike. This is where most interactions happen, and where your content is more likely to get noticed. You don’t have to be on every platform there is — just the ones that bring you the best exposure. So for this purpose, SocialPilot is not only a great tool — it’s a must have.

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