Now Automate Social Media Activities Using IFTTT – Guide

IFTTT to Automate Social Media Activities

Do you struggle to complete all your social media tasks every day?

Do you think you’re just doing the repetitive tasks on social media networks?

If yes, IFTTT ( If This Then That) has a solution for you. Using IFTTT, you can get your online apps and devices working together.

We know there are tons of plugins available for social media automation, but we will show you a method that will not require any plugin installation. All you need to do is create a free account on the website.

Unlike other plugins, it includes all social media networks like Facebook, Google Plus, Instagram, Pinterest, Tumblr, Reddit, Dig, etc. All these social media networks can be integrated together using IFTTT.

Social Media Automation: IFTTT ( If This Then That)

If you go back to your high school, then you might remember that we were using if/then statement for solving various numerical problems. For example: If you score good marks, then you will get into a good college.

Using similar logic, IFTTT automates all web-based activities. It creates a series of the conditional statement and automates the given task. It really puts the internet to work.

To start using this service first, you need to create a free account on IFTTT. Once done, you can automate any web-based tasks for end number of times. Yes, this service is available free of cost. You can access all features from the very first day of the account creation.

But before starting with the article, let us first understand the term Applets.


In simple terms, Applets means a small application program performing one or more specific functions. The same thing is also applicable in IFTTT. In IFTTT, you will require creating an applet based on certain logical conditions.

The best of this website are hundreds of readily-made applets are available for free to you. All you need to do is search your suitable applets and change it as per your requirement.

Search applets in IFTTT
Search app in IFTTT

If these readily-made applets do not satisfy your needs, you can also create your own. Assuming you are already logged in to your IFTTT account, we have shared the step by step tutorial to create an applet for posting automatically on Facebook below.

  • Go to My Applets and click on ‘New Applet‘ to create a new applet.
My Applets in IFTTT
My Applets in IFTTT
  • Next, click on ‘+this‘ option as shown in image below.
Create New Applets
Create New Applets
  • Next, select your blogging or website platform. In our case, it is ‘WordPress’, so we are selecting WordPress from the available list.
Create Applets for WordPress
Create Applets for WordPress
  • After selecting your platform that is WordPress in our case, it will ask you to set the trigger.
Choose Trigger for Applets
Choose Trigger for Applets
  • We select the first trigger called ‘Any New Post‘.
  • Next, it will ask you, if there is any new post then what?
Create New Applets
Create New Applets
  • Next, select your action area. In our case, Facebook is our action area. If there is a new post on WordPress, then post it on facebook.
  • Next, select your action on Facebook. We have chosen the second action called ‘Create a link post‘.
Choose Action in IFTTT
Choose Action in IFTTT
  • Next, fill the necessary details and click ‘Save’ to create a new applet.
Create new Applets in IFTTT
Create new Applets in IFTTT

That’s it. Your applet is ready now. It will post your latest blog on Facebook automatically.

Note: If you are creating this applet for the first time, it will ask you to provide access to your WordPress and Facebook account before creating the applet. This is a one-time activity and once provided, it will not ask you to re-authenticate the same again.

Besides social media automation, it also allows you to automate many other things. For example,

  • A reminder to drink water.
  • Congratulate on my birthday
  • Remind yourself to meditate every day
  • Remind me at 00:15 etc.

Important Points to Note

  1. The applets will not work with your old posts. It will work only if there is a new post on your blog.
  2. It will take about half an hour to publish your new post. You will not find anything if you check immediately after making the new post.
  3. There is a difference between Save and Active. Ensure the created applet is active, otherwise, it will not make any auto post in your account.
Active Applet
Active Applet

Your turn: Share with us what other apps or websites you use. Further, feel free to contact us if you face any problem in creating and using applets on IFTTT. We will be happy to help you. You can put your questions in the comment box and we will get back to you.

Also see this video to get an idea of what else you could do with IFTTT:

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