3 More Free Email Capture Tools To Grow Your Subscribers 😀


Getting your audience to subscribe to an email list is a great strategy for driving traffic to your blog.

When you convince your readers that your content is helpful to them, you need to sustain their interest by keeping in touch through your emails.

This is where having an email subscription option on your blog or website comes in.

You can use email capture apps like:

However, these services require a paid membership (one time, monthly, or annual).

These paid services give you lots of advantages, but not everyone can afford them.

This doesn’t mean that you can’t build an email list if you don’t have the budget.

Contrary to what you might think, building an email list and promoting your content over email does not need to be expensive.

We’ve already reviewed several email tools that you can use for free, including Sendy and MailMunch. But as more services for email marketing are introduced every day, here are three more that you might want to check out:

3 Almost free tools to capture emails on WordPress site

1. Privy

Privy is an email list service that offers great features for free.

You can create email opt-in forms in different formats, including:

  • Pop-ups
  • Banners
  • Embedded

The Privy dashboard is easy to use. It has a modern interface that lets you customize your forms.

privy sample

For a free account, you can use the “Exit Intent” feature, which shows the email opt-in form right as a visitor is about to leave the site.

You can also create unlimited landing pages and there’s no limit to the number of people who can subscribe to your blog.

Here’s what the dashboard looks like:


As you can see, Privy has made it super easy for you to create and customize an email opt-in form for your blog.

In addition to customizing the appearance of your opt-in forms, you can also use triggers to control when pop-ups and fly-over forms are shown.

When a user fills out an opt-in form, you can send one automated response.

  • All of these features come with a price of zero.

<Check Out Privy>

2. Optin Forms (WordPress plugin)

Optin Forms is a free WordPress plugin that enables you to create, design, and display email subscription forms on your site.

You can either use the app itself to store your subscriber information, or you can sync it with other email services like AWeber, MailChimp, and GetResponse.

Optin forms dashboard

You don’t have to know a single line of code to use Optin Forms.

Just choose from the five templates and change the fonts, colors, and background to suit your site’s design.

If you don’t like pop-ups, this plugin is perfect as it only lets you place a subscription form on posts or pages (either before, after, or in a specific area).

Here’s a form designed with this plugin (which appears at the bottom of a post):

Optin forms sample

<Check Out Optin Forms>

3. SumoMe List Builder

SumoMe has several tools for email marketing, but the one that helps you create an opt-in form for your site is called the List Builder.

This feature displays a pop-up opt-in form in several different ways.

You can select the behavior of the pop-up by setting it to Smart or Manual.

  • Smart means that the app will decide when the best time is to display the pop-up.
  • Manual means you can control when the pop-up appears.

In addition to that, you can add specific rules when to show or not show the pop-up, including on certain URLs, pages, and devices.

Sumome dashboard

What’s great about the List Builder is the ability to track and show you your email capture statistics which includes the number of subscribers for the past 7 days.

Here’s a sample of a pop-up form used on my site:

sumome sample

<Check Out SumoMe List Builder>

When to switch to a paid email service:

The point of trying out different tools for free is to see which one you like using, and at the same time which one works well with your site or blog.

By the time you’ve used three or more free services, you’ll have a better idea of how to grow an email list.

  • But what if you really like a free service and you wished it had just one more feature?
  • Has your subscriber count reached the (free account) limit?

That’s what upgrades are for.

All of these services mentioned above have a “Pro” or “Premium” plan and you can upgrade at any time.

Just be sure to check their Pricing or Features page to get a side-by-side comparison of free vs. premium services.

Of course, you have to be financially ready to commit to a paid service.

It might be that your blog or business has gained some revenue and you now have a budget for marketing.

Or maybe you’ve found other funding sources for your blog.

If this is the case, and if you want to maximize the benefits of growing your list of subscribers, then go for it!


As you can see, there are lots of free options to grow your email subscribers.

Even without a budget, you can still get your audience to sign-up.

Free services are more sensible for beginner bloggers. You have the freedom to explore different features, learn what works best for your blog, and make better marketing strategies.

The important thing is for you to find the best way to connect with your audience long after they first visited your blog.

Have you tried any of the tools above? What are your experiences with them? Let me know in the comments!

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