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The Integrator monetization plugin is perfect for WordPress publishers looking to make money with their site. 

Many WordPress monetization plugins have limited functionality, which can be fatal for your monetization efforts.

With, the versatility of your ad serving goes to a whole new level.

(The full functionality of the plugin is unlocked when you sign up for an “Expert” account.)

In this article, we’ll go into greater depth of using these features to maximize the monetization potential of your WordPress site.

We’ll also cover how you can create trackable shortened links for your entire site. These links will allow you to launch:

  • Top-bar HTML ads
  • Full-page interstitial ads
  • Pop-under ads

These will launch whenever someone clicks a link on your site (even if it leads to an external domain which you don’t own).

The ad customization features are extraordinary, allowing you to easily launch targeted campaigns based on:

  • Geography
  • Device type
  • Date range
  • …and more.

You can create branded shortened links of your entire site with one easy click, or shorten only specific sections (or pages) of your site.

  • Each shortened link unlocks the potential for increased ad revenue.

With’s monetization plugin, you’re getting a powerful dashboard and a bundle of monetization tools which you simply won’t find anywhere else!

It’s All In The Link integrates perfectly with the link-management dashboard available on the website.

The dashboard revolves around unleashing the power of the link.

Links are usually underestimated in the online community. They’re seen as a means to an end, which is a sad reality because they have so much untapped potential.

  • changes all of that.

The heart of the service is a link-shortening tool which provides you with:

  • Cleaner customizable links.
  • Engagement tracking on those links.
  • The ability to monetize each click.

How The Integration Plugin Works

How Integration Plugin Works

Let’s say you have 80,000 links on your site. Some of them link to your own content, and some of them link to external sites.

When you activate this monetization plugin for your WordPress site, you’re given the option to shorten all internal links and/or external links

In your WordPress dashboard, you can easily shorten links based on the pre-existing structure of your WordPress site.

You may choose to shorten links on:

Once you do this, will immediately start gathering data on the performance of every link on your site. You can access this data by logging into your “Expert” account on the site.

Once you do this, you can also navigate to the “Monetizations” tab and start putting your army of links to work.


Start Monetizing Like Forbes Online Magazine

Monetizing Like Forbes Online Magazine

Interstitial ads, commonly used by Forbes and other online magazines, can take on a variety of shapes and sizes.

In the example above, prior to landing on an article, the user is shown a full-page car ad, alongside an inspiring quote.

To get to the actual article, the user simply has to click “Continue to Site”.’s Integration Plugin allows you to supercharge each of your links with this type of ad (even if the link takes the reader to an external site).

Imagine that a reader is browsing your site, and then clicks on a link to CNN that you shared on your blog. Before the CNN content is seen, the user will stumble upon an interstitial ad (as seen above) which you created.

In this scenario, you get paid for an impression and/or for a click on the ad.

Types Of Supported Ads By

On the site, you will be able to create and edit the following types of ads:

  1. Top Bar HTML Ads – This is the upper banner of your ad. You can also inject a Google AdSense code here, or a banner of your choice.

  1. Full Page Interstitial Ads – This type of ad takes up the full page. According to studies done, interstitials lead to more views and clicks than on-page ads.

  1. Pop-Under Ads – This is a page that launches behind the browser which is already open.

Ad Customization Options

Ad Customization Options

The customization features of the ads are as follows:

  1. Control the Full-Page Ad (“Interstitial”) which appears on the way to your content. This is a great place to advertise a subscription to your email list, membership to your site, or a special deal to promote a product or service associated with your site. Because it’s a full-page ad, you can also easily integrate a video here with a special (and personal) message to your viewers.

  2. Customize the Upper Banner’s text, logo, background color, and text color. Editing colors can help the advertisement blend in with the user experience on the site. In addition, it’s height can be adjusted according to your preference.

  3. Control the duration of the ad. For example, you can set the “Skip” button to appear after a certain amount of time. You can also set the ad to redirect to the content automatically after a certain time interval without the user having to click the “Skip” button.

  4. Differentiate your advertising message according to device type and geography of your visitors. This allows you to optimize campaigns by targeting specific ads to targeted audiences.

  5. Easily set campaigns to run in a given date range. This allows you to test the success of certain ads with your audience. Switch it up from time to time until you find the magic formula of clickable ads.

Getting Creative With Your Ads

Getting Creative With Your Ads

As mentioned above, the Integration Plugin also allows you to create device-specific ads. One of the keys to a successful monetization campaign is to play around with a variety of ad formats and settings.

The dashboard is intuitive and simple, making it easy for anybody to master advertising monetization in no time.

Serving the right ads to the right people is crucial to maximizing the revenue potential of your WordPress site.

Understanding The Challenges of Monetization

There are several challenges that publishers need to take into account when developing their monetization strategy. 

Firstly, according to a recent study by ComScore, 46% of online ads aren’t even seen.

They may load when the page launches, but you’re not guaranteed that the user will scroll down the page to register the ad as a “view”.

This problem is even more serious with mobile devices.

When you consider the limited amount of ad space on smartphones, monetizing ads becomes much more challenging.

Publishers worldwide have noticed how the rise of mobile usage is now rivaling the desktop browsing experience. In certain parts of the world (where people don’t have PC’s), mobiles have already surpassed desktops!

Given this reality, publishers need to find unique methods to step up their monetization strategies.

In this regard:

  • Interstitials and Pop-Unders can save the day.

Anticipating the Threat of Ad-Blocking Software

As of 2016, the digital advertising market is a multi-billion dollar industry. But, that market may soon be under attack.

The interest in ad-blocking software is on the rise while web-surfers are becoming more savvy in controlling what they see on the internet.

According to a recent study by PageFair, 36% of mobile users in the Asia-Pacific region are employing ad-blocking software on their devices.

Industry leaders estimate that this trend could spread to the western world, thereby creating a serious threat to publishers that hope to monetize their site.

Luckily, is again one step ahead of the game.

Clkim Expert

The “Ad Block” feature allows publishers to create a fallback URL when any browser refuses to open your interstitial ads.

You can set the fallback URL as relevant to a specific geographical location, or leave it blank so that it is active no matter where (or when) the ad blocking software attacks.

Get a 14-day free trial with

Summary is an incredible tool for any WordPress publisher looking to monetize their site in a really smart way.

The service provides advanced ad serving technology and loads of customization options.

Here are the pricing options:

Clkim Pricing

The customer service is also phenomenal.

Anytime we had a question on how to maximize monetization,’s Success Managers were quick to offer assistance and keep things moving forward.

The dashboard is intuitive and allows just about anybody to quickly begin employing sophisticated monetization techniques to their WordPress site.

We highly recommend this product and are sure it will pay off big time.

Have you heard about the plugin before? Are you excited to get started using it? Let us know in the comments below!

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