Here Is The Fastest Method To Import Content From Docx To WordPress

Import Content From Docx To WordPress

Docx is a popular editor that most content writers use to write and share content. If you have been at my place where you have received a piece of content in docx format and wanted to publish it on WordPress, well, you have come to the right place.

You will be learning the easiest way to import content from a Docx file to your WordPress blog.

Before you learn this trick, you must know about WordPress for Google docs. This is very convenient when you are receiving content in Google docs and it’s faster than the docx method. If so far you have been receiving content in docx format, you can always ask the content writers to start sending you content using Google Docs. One major advantage is the ability to import images, something very handy for any blogger.

Back to our topic of uploading docx to WordPress. For this, we will use a free WordPress plugin called Mammoth docx converter. This plugin works for both your posts and pages.

The fastest way to import docx file to WordPress:

The very first thing you need to do is install the Mammoth docx converter plugin. (If you are new to WordPress, read this guide to learn how to install WordPress plugin).

Import docx file to WordPress

Once you have installed and activated the plugin, go to Posts > Add New or Pages> Add New depending on your requirement.

At the bottom, you will see the option to select docx file. Click on choose file and upload the docx file that you want to import to WordPress.

Mammoth docx converter plugin

Now, click on Insert into editor to add the content of the docx file to your WordPress post editor.

That’s it. The post is added. All you need to do now is do your basic editing, follow the on-page SEO guide and once you are ready, hit the publish button.

But Harsh, what about images?

The good news is this plugin can also import images.

However, it doesn’t keep the image name intact which affects the SEO. However, you can use media file renamer plugin to rename the images. This is important for SEO and in case you are not aware of it, do read my earlier guide on image optimization for SEO.

This is by far one of the fastest ways I have seen to import a Word document file to WordPress and if you are someone who hires writers, this will help you to speed up the process. Usually, I recommend ShoutMeLoud readers to give access to WordPress to authors with correct rights but if you are not comfortable doing it, you can use this method or also try the Google docs importer method I mentioned earlier in this article.

WordPress as a platform is quite fascinating and if you use it to its full potential, you will be surprised to know the possibilities. You should also browse ShoutMeLoud WordPress archive to find more such tricks.

For now, let me know if you find this trick useful for your use case. Also, if you have any other trick down your sleeve, share that with us in the comment section below.

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