How To Configure Instamojo Payment Gateway for Easy Digital Downloads

Configure Instamojo Payment Gateway for Easy Digital Downloads

When it comes to creating a website to digital goods like eBook, plugins, templates, guides or others, Easy Digital Downloads + WordPress is the most preferred solution. I have spoken about this earlier here. Once your store is up & running, the next thing is to use the payment gateway that works for your target region.

PayPal, Stripe, 2 Checkout are 3 most popular Payment gateway used by Easy Digital Downloads users. However, I’m from India & the problem with these International payment gateways is; they don’t support all the payment methods used by Indian users.

So, what’s the solution?

Use an Indian payment gateway like InstaMojo or RazorPay. Personally, I have been using InstaMojo for more than two years for selling our eBooks & they are one of the best Indian Payment gateways out there. Don’t believe my word rather here is a screenshot of income I have generated using InstaMojo in the past couple of years.

Looks good is isn’t it?

If you don’t know much about Instamojo, it’s a good time to read the following two guides:

For long, it was a challenge for me to ask Indian users who don’t have an international credit/debit card or make payment using PayPal to buy it from InstaMojo by visiting my store page there.

I have waited long enough for having an Instamojo add-on for Easy Digital Downloads plugin. If you also have a digital download store built using EDD on WordPress  (Ex: ShoutMeLoud store) & need an Indian payment gateway, today is your lucky day.

Instamojo Payment gateway EDD addon is the complete solution for anyone looking to collect payment from Indians using EDD WordPress plugin. In this guide, I will show you how to configure this plugin & will share many useful insights for your digital download store.

If you have not yet launched your digital download store, you can do it today. EDD plugin is free & Joining Instamojo is free.  You can Install EDD right away on your WordPress blog to add a store & start selling eBook or any other digital downloads. All you would be paying for is; Instamojo Payment gateway plugin. If not, you can also collect payment using PayPal & that is free.

Here are the two important links to help you get started:

Now once you have things are in place, it’s time to configure the payment gateway. Read on to learn something new & launch your digital download store for Indian traffic.

How to configure InstaMojo Payment gateway for EDD based WordPress store:

The plugin is available for download here (Even though they have word “Shout” in the domain name; they don’t have any direct/indirect relation with ShoutMeLoud). The plugin cost $29 & you can make payment using; You guesses it right; Instamojo.

Once you have purchased the plugin, you will get the license key & link to download the plugin.

Configure InstaMojo Payment gateway For EDD

The next step is to upload & activate the WordPress plugin manually. Once done, activate the license by copying-pasting the license key from confirmation page. You can access the license activation page from Plugins > Instamojo License

Once the plugin has been activated, now it’s time for you to configure the payment gateway.

Go to Downloads > Settings > Payment Gateways > Instamojo India to configure the plugin. You need Instamojo API, Auth & private Salt to make it work. Here is how to get all the details:

  • Go to Instamojo Dashboard
  • Click on API & plugins to get all the values

Instamojo API & Plugins

Copy all the value to Instamojo payment settings under EDD settings (See screenshot below)

EDD Instamojo payment settings

The only major thing you need to take care of is the conversion rate. This is important when your items are priced in dollar. If you are selling only in India, you should better keep the currency as INR & conversion rate value would be “1”.

Now, the last thing you need to do is enable Instamojo payment gateway & make it default payment gateway. Go to Downloads > Settings > Payment Gateways > Gateways settings to configure this.

Easy Digital Downloads Settings

Well, that’s it & now your digital download store is enabled for receiving payment from Indians. I have just enabled it & it would be interesting to see if switching to Instamojo would increase sales from India.

For now, I’m testing between following payment gateways on ShoutMeLoud store:

You can download the plugin from the link given below:

This is a golden chance for anyone whose target audience are from India, as EDD & InstaMojo makes it easier for you to sell Digital goods in India.

  • Do let me know how was your experience of integrating Instamojo payment gateway with Easy Digital Downloads?
  • What other Indian payment gateways do you use with EDD?  Also, if you have n’t yet purchased our popular eBooks, it’s a great time to download it from ShoutMeLoud store.

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