How To Launch A Beautifully Designed WordPress Blog In The Next 15 Minutes


I have been blogging on WordPress for almost 8 years.

Let me tell you the scariest part of launching a WordPress blog:

  • Setting up a WordPress theme.

This reason has stopped many bloggers because with the lack of a well-designed blog, readers ultimately end up very disappointed.

I’m pretty sure none of us want to hear this bitter truth:

  •  “Your blog design sucks”! 

If you have the same fear as me, then you should enjoy what I’m about to share. This is something unique that has never been featured before at ShoutMeLoud.

It’s not a WordPress theme; rather, it’s a new specialized hosting for WordPress that makes it easier for any newbie to launch a beautifully designed WordPress blog in the next 15 minutes.

If you’re brand new to blogging, the technical details of setting up your first blog can be scary.

As simple as WordPress has tried to make the setup process, beginners can still easily waste unnecessary hours trying to install and configure WordPress.

Themecloud hosting can help with this.

This hosting company makes launching a good looking WordPress blog a piece of cake.

Instead of needing to upload the WordPress core files, installing them, and then figuring out how to pick a theme and choose the right plugins:

  • Themecloud handles everything with a simple wizard.

So, if you’re new to blogging and looking for an easy way to get started, let Themecloud handle the technical details while you can focus on what you are best at:

Powerful Features for Both New and Experienced Bloggers

Themecloud’s features are all built to take the difficulty out of WordPress.

They set you up with everything you need to successfully start blogging.

With Themecloud, you can expect:

  • Easy blog setup – you don’t need any technical skills.
  • Filtered collection of quality themes to choose from.
  • Easy theme previews to pick the perfect design.
  • Preselected plugins to help you get started.
  • Automatic daily backups and easy restore from backup.
  • Built-in cache to maximize page load speed.
  • Easily clone your blog in seconds.

Sound interesting?

Below, I’ll show you just how quickly you can set up a new blog with Themecloud.

How To Launch WordPress Blog With A Beautiful Design In The Next 15 Minutes

Creating a blog with Themecloud only takes a few minutes (even if you have no technical knowledge)!

First, you need to go to Themecloud and sign up for a free or paid account. They offer a 15-day free trial without a credit card, which is very unique in the hosting industry.

Because there’s no credit card information being given, there’s absolutely no risk to trying it out.

  • Click Sign up” in the top right.


  • Then enter your account details and click Register”.


After you register, you’ll see a screen asking you to create a new website.

  • Just hit New website” to continue.


On the next screen, you’ll need to pick between:

  1. Vanilla WordPress install
  2. Pre-built WordPress website


Here’s the difference:

  • Vanilla WordPress install
    • All Themecloud does here is install the latest version of WordPress. You’ll need to handle all the themes and plugins yourself. If you’re already familiar with WordPress, this makes it easy to quickly launch a new site. 
    • But it doesn’t offer any guidance.
  • Pre-built WordPress website
    • Themecloud will take you through a guide that helps you pick a theme, install that theme, and install several useful plugins.
    • If you’re a newbie blogger, definitely use this option.

Because I want to show you how Themecloud works, I’ll pick the Pre-built WordPress website” option.

  • On the next screen, Themecloud offers up over 100+ pre-selected themes.


I’ve talked about why it’s important to have a well-coded theme before.

Thankfully, Themecloud only includes well-coded themes, so newbies don’t have to worry about picking a bad option.

  • You’ll notice some themes from companies I’ve positively reviewed before (like ThemeIsle).

Themecloud also sorts the themes based on what kind of website you’re creating.

  • Because I know I want to create a blog, I’ll pick from the “Blog” section.

themecloud - create a blog

Scroll around the themes until you find one you like.

Once you find an interesting one:

  • Preview it by clicking the “eye” icon on the left.
  • Or choose it for your blog by clicking the “cloud” icon on the right.


  • Once you choose your theme, you’ll need to enter a few more details about your website.


  1. Name
    •  This is the internal name for your site, as well as the default subdomain. You should definitely use your own domain name here.
  2. Website title
    •  This will be the website title used by WordPress. You should make it what you want your blog to be named publicly.
  3. Website language
    •  Pick the primary language of your website.

You’ll also want to make sure to check the box that says I want my website to be found by Google”. Otherwise, Google won’t index your site and you won’t get any search engine traffic!

  • Once you click “Next”, Themecloud will build your website for you.

Build website on Themecloud

  • And that’s it!

Checking Out Your New Blog

You can access your new site by clicking on the Go to my website” button in your dashboard or going directly to the subdomain you created.

Here’s what the site I just created looks like:


The WordPress dashboard is the same as any other WordPress install except for one thing:

  • Themecloud installs several plugins to help you get your site started easily.

If you go to your plugins page, you’ll see this:


These pre-installed plugins help you quickly set up contact forms and HTTPS (HTTPS makes your blog more secure).

You can always add new plugins, too.

  • Themecloud doesn’t put any restrictions on the plugins that you use.

Using Your Own Domain Name

If you’re trying to grow your blog, you need your own domain name. Don’t worry, that’s also really easy to set up with Themecloud.

  • Just go to the Settings” tab of your dashboard. Then click on Configure domain”.


Configure domain - Themecloud

  • On the next page, Themecloud will provide you with the nameservers you need to use to sync your domain to your new blog.

Configure domain - Themecloud

You just need to edit those nameservers at the place where you registered your domain.

Easy Backups To Keep Your Data Safe

Another powerful feature of Themecloud is its automated backups.

Backups are an essential part of any blog.

Losing your data would be a disaster, so you need to keep your data safe.

Luckily, keeping your data safe is easy with Themecloud.

  • Every day, Themecloud automatically creates a new backup.

And you can always manually create a backup sooner than that if you need it.

Themecloud manually create a backup

For each backup, you can:

  • Preview the backup.
  • Restore a backup.
  • Duplicate a backup.

You can do all of this with a single click.

Themecloud’s incredibly simple backup service means your data is always kept safe without wasting any of your valuable time.

How Much Does Themecloud Cost?

With all these features, you might expect Themecloud to be expensive.

But don’t worry, I told you it’s great for beginners:

  • That’s because it’s also affordable.

Themecloud’s cheapest plan starts at only $9.90 per month.

That will cover you for up to 10,000 visitors per month which is definitely enough for a newbie blog.

I personally like the Platinum plan which allows for unlimited visitors & costs $79.90.

The thing is, this price might not be suitable for a newbie, so one can start with the Basic or Business plan & upgrade as the traffic grows.

Note: It’s not hard to get up to 10,000+ visitors/month. If you start blogging with a strategy, your traffic will grow along with your earnings. In particular, if you are planning on using AdSense or affiliate marketing to make money, you should check out our courses at ShoutUniversity. It’s only $20/month (paid yearly).

If you need more power, you can always upgrade to one of Themecloud’s other hosting plans:


As I mentioned, all of Themecloud’s plans come with a 15-day free trial that doesn’t require a credit card.

My Final Thoughts

Themecloud has created a unique offering which definitely stands out in a crowded Managed WordPress Hosting marketplace. It’s indeed a great choice for a newbie blogger who wants to try out many premium WordPress themes for free & save money on theme design.

When I saw this hosting for the first time, I couldn’t wait to feature it here on ShoutMeLoud.

If you create a blog with Themecloud, you’ll automatically have all the essentials like:

  • A quality theme.
  • Site caching for speed.
  • Daily backups for safety.

I think more experienced bloggers can also get a lot of value from Themecloud.

The easy backups and caching will benefit everyone… not just newbies.

Start with the Basic plan that costs only $9.90. Or better yet, take their 15-day free trial before becoming a committed, paid member.

  • With a 15-day free trial, it’s at least worth trying out the dashboard and seeing if you like it!

What are your thoughts on Themecloud? Are you going to take the 15-day trial? Let me know in the comments below!!

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