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The time is now!

Thanks for being a part of the 9th year of ShoutMeLoud’s journey and welcome to the biggest giveaways in the history of blogging. To celebrate this moment of joy, and with our mission of helping you become your own boss, we are hosting a mega giveaway of blogging and marketing tools that you can win. 

These tools are worth more than $10000 and this is the first time ever since ShoutMeLoud came into being. We brought together our friends and partners to contribute to the ShoutMeLoud blogging community and there are tools that you can win in this giveaway.

We can have 70 individual winners thus giving you a great chance to get your hands on the prize. Read this giveaway post carefully to enter and win what you desire.

The contest will be run on various platforms of ShoutMeLoud, including the forum. You can participate in one or all of them to have a shot at winning the contest. Here is the breakdown of the number of possible winners on different platforms:

How to participate & win the mega giveaway:

Any new or existing reader of ShoutMeLoud can participate in our 9th anniversary mega giveaway. For those new here, ShoutMeLoud turned 9 on 1st December 2017. We have also rebranded with a new design and logo. You can read all about it here.

Here is how to participate:

  • Browse through’s new design and share your constructive feedback and ideas by adding a comment below.
  • In the comment do emphasize on How ShoutMeLoud has impacted your life. If you are new here, you can share why you blog.
  • Also, pick any 3 tools from the above list that you would like to win. Based on your selection and the availability, one of what you choose will be provided.
  • Complete the tasks using the widget below.

Biggest Giveaway in The History of Blogging – ShoutMeLoud

Choosing the winners:

The winners will be selected based on their contribution.

Step 1. Browse our ShoutMeLoud blog new design and visit various sections such as store, deals, pages and others.
Step 2. Comment on this thread with answers to the following:

  1. Your take on the new design. Feedback and other constructive ideas and suggestions.
  2. How has ShoutMeLoud affected your life and what more do you expect from ShoutMeLoud in 2018?
  3. Pick any 3 things from the list above that you would like to win.

Note: Use the comment section below to tell us what you feel and what you expect from ShoutMeLoud. The contest starts now and will end on December 24, 2017. We will announce the winners on Christmas eve and will distribute the prizes on the same day.

I’m celebrating @ShoutMeLoud 9th anniversary & participating in the biggest #Blogging giveaway….
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Do feel free to ask questions if any.

Best of luck!

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