Meet Bloggers & WordPress Users at New Delhi’s WordCamp on 19th August

WordCamp New Delhi

Do you ever feel that you are blogging alone?

Or your freelancing work is a lonely job?

Or if you are offering WordPress services as an agency, do you ever want to meet more people like you?

Well, here is exciting news for all the bloggers and WordPress users from India: WordCamp Delhi is happening for the first time in 8 years, and this is definitely a big deal.

WordCamp is a community event, and anyone can organize it after taking approval from the official WordCamp team. The whole purpose of WordCamp is to bring WordPress users, bloggers, and individuals who wish to get into WordPress all into the same room.

It’s usually a 1-2 day event where you meet many like-minded people and enjoy talks from some of the most experienced people in the industry. It’s basically a community organized event for the WordPress community.

I was fortunate enough to attend the first WordCamp of New Delhi in 2009. It was actually this event that shaped the beginning of my blogging career. I got to meet many experienced bloggers including Matt Mullenweg (the founder of WordPress).

Harsh Agrawal (Me) with Matt Mullenweg

That first event showed me the power of blogging and made me realize I was part of something bigger than myself. I had a very profound feeling that I was not alone in the field of blogging, and there was a community of like-minded people out there.

I’m sharing all this so that you will know how such an event can be life-changing. It wouldn’t be unwise to say, such events have the power to help you discover your life purpose.


My 2nd WordCamp experience was in Baroda, Gujarat in 2014 where I was also a speaker. It was a 2-day event where I got to meet many WordPress contributors, service providers, and bloggers. I spoke about how to optimize WordPress for SEO (you can watch my session here).

In a nutshell, WordCamp is an event where you will learn a lot of great stuff and get to meet many great people. It’s a platform to learn, have fun, and engage with the community.

New Delhi WordCamp 2017: Join before all seats are gone

Alright, so that was my brief experience of WordCamp, and now it’s your turn to experience one of the most popular events for all bloggers and WordPress users.

Even if you don’t use WordPress, you can attend this event, as there is always something to learn.

More than 28% of all websites in the world are powered by WordPress, so as you can imagine, by attending WordCamp Delhi, you will be a part of a global community.

Do you know more than 28% of all websites in the world are powered by #WordPress?
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Here is some important information regarding the upcoming WordCamp Delhi:

Delhi WordCamp 2017

  • Venue: NDMC Convention Centre Palika Kendra Building, Sansad Marg, Parliament Street, New Delhi – 110001
  • Date: August 19, 2017
  • Early bird tickets remaining: 83
  • Early bird ticket price: INR 350 ($5.5). You can book tickets from the official page here.
  • Read the code of conduct here

Official website and more info here.

Well, I would not miss a chance to attend an event with so many amazing people, and I would suggest you join in as well.

You should book your tickets as soon as possible to ensure you can come. Also, if you are attending, don’t forget to tweet about the event. The official hashtag for WordCamp Delhi is #WCDelhi.

I’m attending WordCamp Delhi on 19th August. Are you joining us, too? #WCDelhi
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See you there!

Have any question about the event or about traveling to Delhi for the event? Feel free to let me know in the comments section below.

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